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Keep your valuable digital files alive. Forever.

Upload, preserve, organize and share your content and records online - in minutes.

Quickly upload and safeguard

Immediately safeguard your valuable files in the cloud in alignment with NDSA and OAIS

Automate file preservation actions

Transform files on upload to preservation formats and view without the original application

Find, enrich and organize

Add metadata, rearrange collections and use full-text search to rapidly find what you need

Enable online discovery

Easily make your files and records available online through the built-in public portal

NEW: Preserve & view websites

We’re always adding new features to Starter. You can now upload, preserve and view archived websites & webpages.

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Digital preservation made simple

Quickly safeguard your content

  • Upload files and folders with easy drag & drop
  • Safely preserve your valuable content in the cloud
  • Align with NDSA levels and OAIS

Automate preservation actions

  • Ensure ongoing usability & integrity of your content
  • Transform files into preservation formats on upload
  • Create access copies to share online

Instantly view hundreds of formats

  • View files without the original application
  • Bring hundreds of obsolete file formats back to life
  • View digitized content, text, images, AV files, emails, websites and more

Find, enrich and organize

  • Organize and rearrange your hierarchy at any time
  • Upload and edit metadata in bulk
  • Use full-text search to quickly handle requests

Enable online discovery

  • Share content online with colleagues or the public
  • Make files and folders Private or Public
  • Optionally brand the built-in portal to your needs


You’re in good company

Preservica's active digital preservation software is trusted by hundreds of government, academic and business organizations around the world.

“We can now say that we are moving toward digital preservation according to best practices. How many small institutions can say that?”

Joan Curbow, Reference Librarian and Archivist
Buena Vista University Library

“I never thought I would say this about digital preservation, but Preservica Starter is fun! It’s easy to use and has great features that I enjoy working with to upload, organize and enrich our historic county government records, as well as historical videos and special collections.”

Rebekah Davis, Archivist
Limestone County Archives

“Preservica Starter is very intuitive and allowed us to get started right away. It took care of all the important steps of digital preservation so we could focus on curating our collections, enriching metadata and making our content discoverable online.”

Martha Anderson, Head of Digital Services
University of Arkansas

“What previously took weeks and involved many different tools was accomplished in a matter of minutes. Preservica Starter made it really easy to fully preserve as well as make our collections discoverable online - and all to the highest NDSA levels.”

Chrystal Carpenter, Coordinator, University Archives & Special Collections
Elon University

“Preservica Starter made it really easy and quick to preserve our valuable content to the highest NDSA levels. Being able to demonstrate we have a trusted digital preservation platform in place will help us to access grant funding.”

Rachel Walton, Digital Records Manager
Rollins College

“Starter is very user friendly and takes the worry out of digital preservation. Had I known that digital preservation was so easy, I would have dealt with our electronic records much sooner! I can rest easy knowing that our digital records are now easily accessible to the public and preserved for future generations.”

Robin Heise, Records Manager/Archivist
Greene County Records Center and Archives

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