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Trusted digital preservation for corporate records and brand assets

Upload, preserve, organize and provide access to digital and digitized content - in minutes

Preservica Starter for corporate digital archiving


Corporate secretariat, board minutes, org charts, policies, annual reports


Oral histories, historical research, memorabilia, video recordings, photographs, events

Brand assets

Marketing communications, web pages, videos, design files, trademarks, usage rights


Product IP, designs, project documents, videos, emails, ideas, retro product lines

Start preserving your digital content today


Protect corporate memory, heritage and brand value.

Preservica interface for storing and managing corporate digital files


Always be able to quickly access critical corporate records. Demonstrate good corporate governance and social responsibility and meet compliance and regulatory needs.

Customizable interface for corporate use


Ensure your business heritage is permanently accessible by securely preserving valuable assets. Engage employees in company values and provide online public access to corporate history.

Document viewer feature in Preservica Starter

Brand assets

Build brand value by leveraging authentic long-term brand assets for storytelling, engaging social media and rapid "proof-of-use" for trademark defense across multiple brands and territories.

Example collection titled Innovation for corporate digital archiving


Document and inspire new product innovation, retro product lines and heritage brands. Protect product designs, ideas and Intellectual Property (IP).

Trusted by businesses

Preservica is trusted by businesses worldwide to meet the highest levels of security, reliability and performance.

“The corporate archive is an invaluable long-term resource for the Associated Press. With Preservica, people are astounded by the speed we can now provide information to the organization. That accessibility has proved to be indispensable and is really valued by our stakeholders.”

Valerie Komor, Director, AP Corporate Archives
Associated Press

“Critical digital information is being created every day, at high volume. Preservica helps us govern information over the long-term and integrates with our existing systems to give a single, cohesive view of our most important information assets.”

Tina Staples, Head of Global Archives

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Start preserving your digital content today

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