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Blogs & news Preservica | April 12th 2021

A Tale of Two Cities: Good Practices in Permanent Electronic Records Preservation

Given the fragility of digital content, city and county governments retaining permanent public and/or historical records in electronic format must actively take preservation actions over the lifetime of the records to ensure their accessibility and integrity as technologies and custodians change.

For the benefit of local government staff, citizens and their communities, these records must be stored securely and remain readable now and in 100 years' time.

Register now to join Brad Houston, Records Officer for the City of Milwaukee and Nikole Koehlert, Digital Archivist, Austin History Center to hear about their experiences addressing the challenges of maintaining long-term electronic city and historical records.

In this session you will see:

  • Practical examples of electronic records preservation in local government
  • How to provide online access to public records and digital archives
  • How to build the case for digital preservation in your organization
  • How easy it can be to start preserving digital records for free
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