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Blogs & news Preservica | February 18th 2021

How Preservica Starter can help you align with the highest NDSA Levels of Preservation

The NDSA Levels of Preservation provide institutions with a simple tool to assess their digital preservation maturity, against five functional areas (storage, integrity, control, metadata and content). Each functional area is matched to four different levels of capability, with Level 4 being the highest and articulating the more advanced capabilities needed to fully implement digital preservation.

Using the NDSA Levels of Preservation 2.0 self-assessment tool, Preservica has scored Starter to show how our entry-level solution supports practitioners in their journey to preserve digital content.

Find out how Preservica Starter can help you achieve the highest levels of preservation here:

Achieve a step change in your Digital Preservation program

Outline NDSA self-assessment - Preservica Starter

To view the complete self-assessment, click here.

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