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Blogs & news Preservica | May 4th 2022

Free-forever digital preservation now available in Canada

Join over 2,500 archivists and records professionals that have already signed up to Preservica Starter edition, as we expand availability to AWS Canada (Central) Region to provide local hosting in your region.

Montreal - AWS Canada (Central) Region

Preservica Starter edition, is a free-forever and low-cost (from just Can$32 per month) digital preservation and discovery solution.

Over the last couple of years remote working and online access to digital materials has become increasingly important for many Canadian government, academic, cultural and commercial organizations. Starter provides archives of all sizes with an easy, locally hosted way to preserve important records and showcase digital collections that document the rich history of Canada.

And...if you sign up for Starter in Canada before Monday May 16th you’ll be automatically registered for the upcoming annual Global Online User Group Meeting on May 18th.

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"I never thought I would say this about digital preservation, but Preservica Starter is fun! It's easy to use and has great features to upload, organise and enrich our historic local government records."

Rebekah Davis - Archivist, Local Government

Preservica Starter at a glance

Upload, preserve, organize and share your content and records online - in minutes!

The free-forever Starter edition is fully hosted in the cloud with 5GB of secure AWS storage, with no software downloads required. All stored data is highly resilient and includes multiple copies to ensure long-term integrity and accessibility.

Starter edition provides everything you need in one simple and intuitive application:

  • Upload your content with easy drag-and-drop
  • Quickly safeguard content in alignment with NDSA levels and OAIS
  • Transform files into recommended preservation formats on upload
  • Instantly render hundreds of formats without the original application
  • Easily organize your collections and enrich metadata on demand
  • Engage your audience online with easy sharing and discovery
  • Control which assets and folders are private or public
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Exciting NEW Features - Clear your backlog in minutes!

Good news! The launch of Preservica Starter in Canada will include all of our latest features, including a new, easy way to upload metadata and files in bulk.

Confidently grow your archive, enable online discovery and quickly clear your backlog!

Starter provides you with a simple and secure way to take control of your digital content. In just a few steps you can upload multiple files with metadata - making you more productive and able to quickly enrich your collections, add context and improve online discovery for your communities.

We've got more great features on the way soon, including an easy way to invite others to contribute to your digital archive.

"We can now say that we are moving toward digital preservation according to best practice. How many small institutions can say that?"

Joan Curbow - Reference Librarian and Archivist, Buena Vista University Library

Learn, share & collaborate with a global community of thousands

Sign up for Preservica Starter today and you’ll be automatically registered for the upcoming annual Global Online User Group Meeting on May 18th.

Join 100s of fellow archivists, records managers and digital preservation practitioners for an event covering the latest product announcements, API developments and demonstrations from Preservica’s product & engineering teams. Plus, a look ahead leveraging the power of Microsoft 365 to automate the archiving, preservation, and discovery of critical long-term SharePoint, Teams & Exchange.

When you sign-up to Starter you also get access to The Community Hub connecting you with digital preservation practitioners across the globe.

Join the community

“In my experience it really helps to be able to have a space to talk and share experiences with other users, the Community Hub is perfect for this.”

Heather Perez - University Archivist & Librarian

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