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Blogs & news Preservica | December 7th 2020

Using Preservica Starter to get stakeholder buy-in for digital preservation

In a year in which the archival community has had to pivot to working from home, document world-changing events as they are being made, and make materials available online, becoming more digitally savvy and capable has never been more important.

We all know that. But how can you up your game and convince your boss and your stakeholders of the value and benefits of digital preservation and access for your institution?

Get started with Preservica Starter

You could spend a lot of time reviewing materials, comparing solutions, drafting policies, researching standards, compiling business plans, or grappling with individual tools - all while your valuable digital or digitized materials remain vulnerable on shared drives, SharePoint, CDs or worse.

Or you can take action and start preserving content right away, learn about digital preservation as you go, and build out a digital archive you can proudly show to your boss or stakeholders or grant funders. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

That’s the idea behind Preservica Starter – just get started….for free. Upload, preserve, curate and share your digital content online in minutes, safe in the knowledge that all the essential digital preservation tasks that ensure content is safe and useable over decades are taken care of.

And because you can rearrange your collections and enrich metadata at any time, you don’t need to obsess about pre-defining hierarchies and schemas before you start. It’s also easy to keep your content private or make it public when you are ready.

Digital preservation is fun!

A growing community of archivists and records managers are already using Preservica Starter to quickly preserve and share valuable content and get buy-in for digital preservation at their institutions.

Limestone County, Alabama, Archivist, Rebekah Davis found this to be true and had a good time throughout the process. “I never thought I would say this about digital preservation, but Preservica Starter is fun,” says Rebekah. “It’s easy to use and has great features that I enjoy working with to upload, organize and enrich our collections of government records, as well as historical videos and special collections.”

Martha Anderson, Head of Digital Services at the University of Arkansas agrees. “Preservica Starter is very intuitive and allowed us to get started right away,” she says. “It took care of all the important steps of digital preservation so we could focus on curating our collections, enriching metadata and making content discoverable online for our remote students.”

Rachel Walton, Digital Records Manager at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, says Preservica Starter has given her institution a big head start on digital preservation. “Preservica Starter made it really easy and quick to preserve our valuable content to the highest NDSA levels,” says Rachel. “Being able to demonstrate we have a trusted digital preservation platform in place will help us to access additional grant funding."

Look for quick wins

Preservica Starter will help you get your digital preservation project off the ground quickly for FREE. To inspire you, here are a few of the quick wins that Starter users have used to impress colleagues and stakeholders.

Don’t let anything stop you.

Digital preservation has never been more fun or more affordable. Start now with the free (forever) 5GB Preservica Starter. Impress your stakeholders by helping them see and experience the value of digital preservation.

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