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Customer story

Using Starter to get buy-in from your stakeholders

Joan Curbow - Reference Librarian and Archivist Buena Vista University Library

Overcoming 4 common digital preservation challenges with Preservica Starter

Working with limited resources

Gaining stakeholder buy-in

Future-proofing your records and files

Securing budget for your digital archive

Start preserving your digital content today

How did Joan Curbow, librarian and archivist from a small university archive in Iowa, convince her stakeholders to invest in Preservica Starter?

Joan was facing challenges including a lack of time and budget, resource restrictions and not having the right tools.

With Preservica Starter, Joan was able to get buy-in from her stakeholders and elevate the value of the archive within a couple of months. Here are Joan's top tips:

Find allies and ignite their imagination

  • Use the access portal to capture stakeholders’ imagination
  • Create collections that tell a story
  • Help them understand the need for digital preservation

Talk to the IT Department in their language

  • Use the right language to change the conversation, so you can explain what you need and why you need it
  • The visual comparison table helps convince the IT department that Preservica has so much more to offer than SharePoint
Starter vs SharePoint - download here

Continue to build

  • Continue to build interest and support
  • Keep saying yes to opportunities to share your story
  • Elevate the value of the archives and highlight that you are not just about analog content

Timeline – engaging with Starter and securing stakeholder buy-in

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