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How-to video Preservica | November 11th 2021

"How we do it" - Preservica educational series

Welcome to the "How we do it" Video Series

Below, we have compiled a series of videos from Records Managers and Archivists in City and County Government to share how they quickly and easily perform common electronic records preservation and access tasks with Preservica’ s solutions.

How to fill a public records request

Transparency of government operations and decisions to the public is of the utmost importance. Sharing meeting minutes and videos are one of the ways that public sector employees meet compliance and open records regulations. A user from our Starter community, Brad Houston – Records Officer for the City of Milwaukee - walked us through his set up in Starter for an efficient way to respond to public records requests- using a Common Council meeting video as his example. Using Starter to preserve and share the video, Brad is able to:

  • Offer a timely response to records requests
  • Transfer files from dark storage
  • Transform large complex legacy file formats with ease
  • Digitally preserve permanent government records
  • Provide access to citizens via an online public portal

Brad covers the process in just a few minutes so please watch his walkthrough here:

How to fill a research request

In this next installment of the “How we do it” Educational Series, Preservica user Tina Ratcliff from Montgomery County shares with us how she fulfills research requests for Probate Estate Case Files using Perservica Starter, our Free up to 5GB solution.

Tina shares her process for preserving and sharing these traditionally large and complex files, and the ease of sharing with her public portal, instead of the bulky solutions she has used in the past. Her solution provides a better user experience for the requester and the public staff. Watch her video below to learn how to do this yourself. If you want a downloadable guide, we have one available in the Community Hub- sign in to see more!

[Coming Soon] Twitter Preservation

Learn how to keep social media content for the long-term and ensure your files are stored safely and remain accessible and readable over decades to mitigate against technology obsolescence.

[Coming Soon] How to fill a historical records request using scan on-demand and Preservica Starter

Nathanial Smith, Municipal Archivist and Records Manager for the Town of Concord shares his process for scan on-demand, preserving digital surrogates of historical records, and sharing with the public.

[Coming Soon] How to bring community history to life using Preservica Starter

Jim Kichas, Assistant Director at Utah Division of Archives & Records Service explains his process for selecting and digitizing a historic personal account and making it accessible and searchable through the City’s website.

[Coming Soon] How to scan once and share forever

Rebekah Davis, Archivist at Limestone County Archives shares her tips to make your job as an Archivist easier. Learn from Rebeka's process of uploading information to Preservica Starter to share it with others and avoid duplicating manual work.

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