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September 19th 2022
8:00AM BST

ICA Conference 2022

The International Council on Archives, in collaboration with SOS Archivi and Symposia Srl, will be holding its 9th ICA conference in 2022 in Rome from September 19th to 23rd. The event is organized with the partnership of ANAI, DGA and the Convention Bureau Roma & Lazio.

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2.30pm Thursday 22nd September

Bridging The Records & Archives Gap — Automating The Transfer & Digital Preservation Of Long‐​Term Microsoft 365 Content

The accelerated shift from legacy systems to Microsoft 365 (M365) is helping to bring Archives and Records teams closer together. This session will explore the practical ways archivists can leverage this technological change to bridge the digital gap between enterprise systems and the archives.


Ann Keen, Digital Preservation Account Director, Preservica

Learn more about the ICA Conference: https://​www​.ica​.org/​e​n​/​i​c​a-rom…

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